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Volunteers gain qualification

In recognition of the work and commitment, that our volunteers give to the organisation, we offer, those who wish to do so, the opportunity to gain the Angling Trust's Lead Event Coach Level 2 course. This qualification is for those with some experience in coaching angling who would like to lead in a position of coaching, whether independently, within a club or at a fishery. Lead coaches can plan and deliver coaching activities and direct the operations of Angling Support Coaches in a safe and appropriate environment.

Having volunteered for us for over a year Julia welcomed this opportunity. Julia can be regularly found on our Get Into Fishing Sessions and Essex Activate HAF sessions. Living in the Hertfordshire area, this now means, that as an organisation ,we can look to develop new programmes in that area.

Tommy, on the other hand has only been volunteering with us for six months. As part of his studies for a degree in Fisheries Management, Tommy had undertaken his Level 1 as part of that course, and was looking to further develop his skills. He can now be found regularly supporting our Fish and Chat and Fish Fest sessions.

These successes now means that the organisation has four Level 2 qualified coaches to lead sessions.

For more information on the Level 2 qualification visit Angling Event Lead Coach Level 2 - Angling Trust

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