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Fun in the sun, wind and rain

Despite all the different elements that the weather threw at us last week, all our young anglers attended and continued to improve their fishing skills. In addition to our usual gazebo we provided extra shelter for if it was required, but all young people carried on fishing through the rain.

It was not only fishing skills that were being improved, the young people again cooked their own dinner on each of the days, with spaghetti bolognese, fajitas and hot dogs on the menu. One young person also took some time out from his fishing to make sure the coaches were looked after with cups of tea.

An appreciation for the nature around us also took place, noticing the insects and wildlife around us along with some nature art.

All photographs this week were taken by the young people to show their view of the programme.

We are looking forward now to week three. This will be our last week for the summer programme 2023, but we hope to be back next year.

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