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Meet Ben - one of our Fish and Chat participants

Updated: Feb 16

Ben self referred to Fish and Chat as he was experiencing low self confidence and was becoming socially isolated.

Ben was accompanied to the sessions by his mum who drove him there for the first couple of weeks, as he had also lost confidence in driving.

Through the sessions Ben started to talk to other participants, both on the bank and during the social sessions. Ben was eager to learn and asked lots of questions so that he could fish independently at the end of the programme.

By the end of the programme Ben was driving himself to the sessions and an active member of the group, swapping contact details with others to arrange fishing days.

Since the sessions Ben has been in contact with us about what equipment he would need to buy. Thanks to donations of equipment from anglers we have been able to supply him with a rod, reel and tackle.

He has already been out on his own and proudly shared photos with us of some of his catches. Well done Ben. Keep up the good work.

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